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Brick by Brick seeking delivery partners


The council’s own development company has submitted 30 planning applications over the last four months as it delivers new housing schemes throughout the borough.

Speaking a year on from the official launch of Brick by Brick, its managing director Colm Lacey told a Brunch on the Beach held by the Develop Croydon delegation at MIPIM 2017 that more partners were wanted to bring the programme forward.

In addition to the smaller schemes, often on infill sites, Brick by Brick has secured planning permission for 2,500 units at College Green as part of the scheme that will bring a £30million refurbishment of Fairfield Halls and a new building for Croydon College.

Mr Lacey said: “This MIPIM has been about talking to hopefully our next range of partners, in particular to contractors who will help us to build all of this.

“We’re going out to tender in about ten weeks for a huge range of work across Croydon and I would use this opportunity really to ask for your help and we’ll continue with partnerships to be able to build a new future and a new bit of the story that makes Croydon unique.”