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Conference 2017: Croydon in the middle of a long but ultimately successful journey


Boxpark has played a crucial role in helping to change the perception of Croydon, according to one leading real estate expert.

Kevin McCauley, Senior Director of UK Research at CBRE, believes the borough has every chance of ‘realising its dream’ to emerge from a long and bumpy journey as one of the capital’s most sought-after areas.

Speaking at the Develop Croydon Conference 2017, McCauley outlined the potential of the town centre and pointed to the hugely-popular venue near East Croydon station, as well as the promised £1.5billion Westfield & Hammerson shopping centre as real beacons of optimism.

“Boxpark is incredible, I was introduced a few months ago, and I’ve been there five times since. It’s unbelievable in the way its changed the perception of Croydon,” he said.

“I’ll give you one example. We had friends down staying with us a few weeks ago, we live half way between Croydon and Brighton and we opted to go to Croydon.

“Our friends were just overwhelmed by what was there that Sunday night, the choice on offer and I think that’s a really key part of the change in Croydon.

“The other key thing, of course, is the Croydon Partnership – £1.5billion of retail space. We’ve already seen what that does across other parts of London.

“So, overall, Croydon is ranking well in terms of where it lies in emerging London Boroughs. From the perspective of large, international investors – Croydon certainly has strong appeal.

“I am very passionate about Croydon, I think it is on a long journey but I believe it will be successful journey.”