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Conference 2017: Piers Gough says One Lansdowne will bring glamour to Croydon


The One Lansdowne development, which has designs on being a world-famous development, will bring glamour to Croydon.

That was the message of Piers Gough, of CZWG Architects, an architect with a worldwide reputation himself as the designer of many prominent buildings and masterplans.

A viewing gallery and the highest bar and restaurant in the capital are set to be features of Guildhouse Rosepride’s recently-approved development which will peak at 68 and 41 storeys high and bring much-needed homes, Grade A office space and a range of other facilities to Croydon.

“It was a fabulous moment when we achieve planning permission,” said Mr Gough.

“Within the mix of all the different housing that Croydon requires, we’re definitely at the glamorous end.

“We’re looking to make a glamorous building in Croydon and there’s a role for glamour as well as the practical matters, culture and everything else. I think the culture of architecture is also important.

“Our aim, all throughout this process, has been to provide spectacularly good office space and some wonderful flats. That’s our contribution to Croydon but I do recognise that every other sort of housing Is needed.”

Mr Gough believes the mixed use nature of the One Lansdowne development is key to ensuring it meets the towns needs.

“This a in a whole step change different,” he said. “We’ve got ten storeys of high-quality office. In the centre of a city it makes sense to have rich, powerful mixed use in a building.

“I feel Croydon needs both and therefore One Lansdowne can provide both aspects. Mixed use is an inevitable, important part of the vibrancy of cities.”