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Fairfield Halls set to fully reopen by the end of March 2019


A cabinet report released ahead of a Croydon Council meeting on Monday (March 19), outlined the progress of the £30 million redevelopment and gave a date for a full opening.

It states: “In terms of the timescale for the works overall, the concert hall will be available by the end of this year with a subsequent phased opening of the other venue spaces to follow with full handover (to its new operator, BHLive) by the end of March 2019.

It also detailed some of the works which are currently taking place.

“The interior of Fairfield Halls is currently stripped back to the bones with the demolition of the Arnhem Gallery now almost complete. The Concert Hall seating has been removed for refurbishment and birdcage scaffolding has been erected within the Hall. Asbestos removal continues within the Ashcroft Theatre in preparation for further works.”