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Gavin Barwell appointed housing minister by new PM


Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell has been named as minister of state for housing and planning and minister for London.

Mr Barwell says he was halfway up a tree, sawing off a branch, when he received the phone call from new prime minister Theresa May.

Writing on his blog, Mr Barwell said: “Every MP will tell you that housing is one of the most common issues they deal with in their surgeries.

“Too many people are having to live in overcrowded or even unsafe conditions. Too many people don’t have a permanent place to call home.

“Too many people are having to pay too much of their monthly earnings on their housing costs. And – as the Prime Minister said in her moving speech outside Downing Street on Wednesday night – too many people who want the independence of owning their own home currently can’t afford to do so.

“I look forward to working with councils, housing associations, developers, investors and local communities to make sure we build we need with the mix of tenures that people want and that those homes should be great places to live.”