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Government technology guru is keynote speaker for Croydon Tech City launch


The woman charged with driving the government’s technology strategy will be the keynote speaker for Croydon Tech City’s 2017 launch.

Sarah Wilkinson is chief digital, data and technology officer at the Home Office, which centralised its operations in the town last year, bringing nearly 1,000 IT developers and contractors working on government biometrics, analytics and web services to the borough.

Jonny Rose, co-founder of Croydon Tech City, wrote in the Croydon Citizen: “The Home Office’s move to the area continues to cement the borough’s position as an epicentre for UK technology development.

“In 2017, Croydon now stands as the UK’s fastest-growing economy – driven by its reputation as the Silicon Valley of south London.”

For more details on the launch event click here

Photo by Simon Bond