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Croydon’s regeneration represents one of the biggest opportunities for investors and developers in Greater London over the next five to 10 years. In addition to its £5.25bn regeneration, it offers:

  • The UK‘s best-connected business hub – 15 minutes to London or Gatwick
  • Grade A office space 15 minutes from central London at one third the cost
  • GLA designated Opportunity Area with 8,359 homes planned in the Opportunity Area Planning Framework
  • £1.4bn Westfield/Hammerson retail scheme
  • 21 City development opportunities
  • 28 new public squares and places as part of a wholesale transformation of the metropolitan centre into a new, modern European city
  • 1.1m economically active individuals within 30 minutes commute
  • Skilled work force, exceptional schools and a new university campus
Growth Zone
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Mid Croydon Masterplan
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West Croydon Masterplan
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Old Town Masterplan
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Opportunity Area
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College Green
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East Croydon Masterplan
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