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Mid Croydon Masterplan

The Mid Croydon Masterplan addresses the area between George Street, Park Lane, Fell Road and the High Street, incorporating Park Street, the St George’s Walk office and retail development, Katharine Street, Queen’s Gardens and Taberner House.
The Mid Croydon area is vital to the success of regeneration plans for Croydon Metropolitan Centre and the borough as a whole with substantial development, including up to 7,500 new homes, improved transport, and public realm improvements.
The masterplan addresses: buildings to be retained, new buildings, housing, employment, retail, leisure, education and community, along with public realm and infrastructure.
The greatest change is making Mid Croydon into a new place to live, as well as one that has historically been primarily a place to work.
Strategic objectives:
• Mid Croydon will become a mixed community, with new homes, jobs, leisure, shops, cultural activities and social infrastructure;
• A new residential offer will bring new life and activity to Mid Croydon, and also provide family housing as part of mixed community;
• Mid Croydon will establish a new urban form that responds to the needs and aspirations of residents, workers and visitors;
• A sense of place will be created through the careful design of buildings and the public realm and by encouraging a vibrant mix of uses. The focus will be on providing high quality streets, public spaces and buildings;
• Mid Croydon will improve pedestrian accessibility connecting with adjoining neighbourhoods and using the existing street pattern as the foundation;
• A new approach to transport will seek to maximise access, while reducing the negative impacts of concentrated bus routes, standing and stops on amenity, the quality of the environment and hence its attraction as a place to live;
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