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West Croydon Masterplan

West Croydon has excellent transport infrastructure,  an established rich mix of uses, built heritage and diverse local community. Along with its adjacency to the commercial heart of central Croydon – plus the arrival of the East London Line in summer 2010 which put Croydon on the tube map for the first time, West Croydon has potential for increased economic development.

The West Croydon Masterplan takes a careful, coordinated approach to ensuring the delivery of a new station and interchange, plus optimised development potential and a transformed and well-connected public realm.

The West Croydon Masterplan’s strategic objectives are:

  • A new doorway to Croydon with an improved station and transport interchange
  • Better integration and links to the town centre
  • Inclusive high quality public realm and more space for pedestrians
  • Coordinated high quality built environment that complements the town centre and residential areas

The West Croydon Masterplan was adopted as Interim Planning Guidance on 11 July 2011 following public consultation in September/October 2010. More information is available here.