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Shouting for Croydon from the rooftops


The Lost Format Society’s rooftop cinema has returned for 2017 at a new venue on the top deck of the Centrale shopping centre.

As well as blockbuster films, the award-winning Croydon Creative has a series of other events after teaming up with the Croydon Partnership – retail development giants Westfield and Hammerson – for their summer programme.

The summer takeover got under way with DJ Norman Jay bringing his famed Good Times set to Croydon while, the following night, the town’s acclaimed London Mozart Players provided a live soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush.

The Lost Format Society is hosting its Rooftop Cinema in Centrale shopping centre’s car park

Mark Sarfo-Kantanka, director of the Croydon Creative, said: “We’re not corporate. We just had a vision to try and do something for Croydon.

“There a big deal sometimes made about third parties coming into areas and regenerating and whether they have always got the best intention.

“But there is nothing but good things that we can say. It’s a joint partnership – it’s Westfield, it’s Hammerson – and we’ve had the help of the staff here at Centrale.

“In the past two years it really has been us but this year it has really been a team effort between all of us.”

The Croydon Partnership own Centrale and are also behind plans to turn the neighbouring Whitgift Centre into a £1.4billion retail and leisure destination.

Steve Yewman, development director for Westfield said: “Croydon is many many parts fand every single part of this programme is very special.

“The epicentre is the town centre and if we can get some bits right here the rest of the borough will absolutely flourish. I wish everyone the best of luck.”

Events are held on the top floor of the Centrale car park in Tamworth Road, Croydon.

Dates: May 24 The Grand Budapest Hotel; 26 Pulp Fiction; 27 La La Land; 28 Funk Me (rooftop party); 29 Brit Jam Reunion Rooftop Cookout; 31 The Big Lebowski. June 1 Donnie Darko; 7 The Goonies; 8 Deadpool; 9 Fight Club; 10 Dirty Dancing; 17 Top Gun.

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