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Skills and Education

Croydon is the economic powerhouse of the South East with 13,000 business and 141,000 jobs, which is only set to grow over the next 20 years.

It has 1.1m economically active people living with 30 minutes of East Croydon station, and an active and talented workforce.

A share of pupils achieving five or more GCSE grades A* to C (or equivalent) in Croydon is in the top quartile performance of all local authority areas and 42% of its working age residents have degree equivalent qualifications. 

Croydon is implementing a major investment programme in schools over the next five years to cater for the largest proportional growth in the school population of any authority in England. 

Croydon is also intending to partner with an international university in order to be able to offer more higher education in the borough, raise the number of residents with degree qualifications and bring new vibrancy to the metropolitan area.

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