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Brick by Brick’s Croydon Smaller Sites Programme wins AJ Architecture Award


Croydon Council’s development company Brick by Brick has landed a prestigious industry award.

Brick by Brick’s ‘ground-breaking’ Croydon Smaller Sites Programme triumphed in the masterplan category at the 2018 AJ Architecture Awards.

The Croydon Smaller Sites Programme sets out how more than 1,000 new homes will be built on 50 infill plots previously considered to be unviable, combining them into a single masterplan with ‘far-reaching placemaking benefits’.

The judges said: ‘This is a ground-breaking approach. The programme has created a strategy for maximising leftover spaces in the borough and making sure these were developed using an innovative model, which was at the same time ambitious for quality and equitable for the citizens of Croydon.

‘Rather than development being done to the borough, the borough is driving its own development.’