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Building above Croydon’s railway tracks could create new homes


Untapped space above Croydon’s railways tracks could pave the way for new homes, according to new data.

Almost 2,500 hectares of land on top of Greater London’s train, overground and Tube lines could be freed up, a report by engineering consultancy firm WSP has found, in an effort to build more residential property in the capital.

The new research indicates that Croydon is one of the Boroughs that could provide the most ‘overbuild’ development potential.

WSP director Bill Price said: “As an industry we need to focus on radical solutions to overcome the housing crisis in our capital.”

Price said that “rail overbuild is not just about creating new homes, it’s also about creating new, safe, environmentally-friendly and vibrant communities that such developments can offer. They achieve the densification that London’s local authorities can use as economic development tools to provide growth, connectivity and jobs in the community”.