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Develop Croydon Conference 2018 – date announced!


Develop Croydon’s ninth annual conference, titled ‘Generation Croydon’, will be held at the Croydon Park Hotel on Tuesday, 20 November.

Chaired by journalist and broadcaster Mark Easton, speakers will be debating how the town’s regeneration can meet the demands of London’s largest youth population, while making sure it is ready to cater for a population where one in eight people are over the age of 65.

Sessions will be held on Croydon’s commercial success and the adapting workplace demands, its cultural offer and how this can appeal to all ages, the industrial industry as online retail continues to grow, how the town can provide suitable housing for first-time buyers and retirees, plus assessing Croydon’s retail outlook as it prepares for the Whitgift Centre to undergo its major redevelopment.

Early bird tickets are now available for £295+VAT. For more information and to book your ticket please visit: